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Step into the world of oceans and adventures

A hotel, Grand Café, and a venue for parties and meetings this close to the water does not come around often. The Delta Hotel has been located along the banks of the Nieuwe Maas for over 60 years. We had 24 hotel rooms when the hotel opened in 1955. That number has increased to 81. We allow the sea and the world of sailors on their way to adventure to inspire us. Think about the professional athletes participating in the Volvo Ocean Race, a sailing competition around the world.

Every room in the Delta Hotel Vlaardingen has been furnished in a cool, fresh way with a nod to the sailing sport. The awnings, for example, are made out of tarpaulin, the chairs have the colors of sea and you can spot a print of a nautical chart on the lampshades. This is why our rooms are named: sailor, helmsman, and the captain’s suite.

The Delta Hotel is the place to be for food lovers, without starched tablecloths, but it does have an exciting menu. We are all set for those who are curious about different worlds, for go-getters who want to get the most out of life, and for those who want to celebrate in a special setting. We are here for everyone willing to relax with a sweeping view over the water.

Whether you choose to stay the night at the Delta Hotel, have a delicious dinner, have an inspired meeting, or a wedding, it always includes the fresh sea breeze and a sniff of adventure.

The adventurous sailor from Vlaardingen

Did you know that one of the first Dutch people who sailed around the world was from Vlaardingen? His name was Bertus Zijdenbos, and he was a pub owner and adventurer. After he spent three years at sea, he returned to Vlaardingen with his ship called Santa Maria. During his homage, he said: ‘I never wanted to chase records, I just wanted to see a bit of the world. The journey has been fantastic.’ According to his son, Bertus Junior, who accompanied his father during half of his trip, Zijdenbos loved good food. During Christmas, he always cooked a sumptuous dinner on a simple two-burner.

A man from Vlaardingen, a sailor, and a lover of food: you can probably guess that Zijdenbos is an inspiration to us. 

Besides our own hotel, we have 6 beautiful sister hotels. All these hotels have their own appealing concepts where guests can just be themselves. All with their own identity and their own theme.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

Do you want to taste the atmosphere of the Delta Hotel, see the view, and feel the excitement of the water?

This virtual tour brings you close to the “real” feeling.